MLB Trade Deadline Looms, Do The Yanks Have A Trade In Them?

I’m starting to think the answer is no, no way and my brain is beginning to hurt with all these trades that make no sense. First the Mets Trade For Marcus Stroman, which if you ask me was a definite stick it to the Yankees move. The BlueJays done Trade to a rival and the Mets get the guy that seemingly was destined for the Bronx. BUT WAIT, then the Mets Trade Jason Vargas to…..the fucking Phillies! So the rule is the Mets cannot under any circumstance make the Yankees better but a team that you play 20+ times a year, who more than likely you will square off against and with their latest acquisition, that’s fine!

Now let’s move on to the latest trade, another Yankee target! The Indians trade Trevor Bauer to….the god damn Cincinnati Reds and basically for Yasiel Puig. Plus Puig will likely be suspended after being involved in yet another brawl!

This is infuriating because we would’ve sent a package that included a younger, more promising player in Clint Frazier, possibly more, who knows!

One thing is for certain, the dominos will fall today at 4pm at the deadline and it’s seeming more and more likely the Yanks will not get an ace, which is upsetting because we are at a position where trading prospects will absolutely not hurt the future of this team.

P.S. The Mets, BlueJays, Indians and Reds SUCK!!

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