Mets Trade For Stroman To Spite Yanks….Right?

Yep, absolutely the Mets traded for Marcus Stroman just to spite the Yanks. The Mets have effectively taken three pitching targets off the board for the Yanks in Stroman, Wheeler and Syndergaard. Despite the fact that the Yanks have elite talent in their minors system, the Wilson’s are too petty to trade with the Yanks.

With the trade deadline three days away, the starting options are dwindling for an ace for the Yanks. Another thing to consider is that the Yanks have already said that Domingo German would be on an innings limit plus Sunday the Yanks put CC on the IL. Realistically this team needs two starters for the reason by September this team could be without German and CC at any given time. I also don’t buy that we have to think about our farm system and preserve players, almost every position with the exception of Left field are occupied by a young talent! If the Yanks have a shot at one or two aces, they need to clear the farm!

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