Yanks Win Instant Classic, No Quit In This Team

If you were watching the marathon game last night, the one in which it took the Yanks 5 hours and multiple comebacks to win, you were treated to a god damn classic! When the Yanks went down 8-2, things didn’t look good at all.


Aaron Boone after all the praises I was singing him last week, reverted back to just a hesitant coach and couldn’t pull the right strings in the bullpen.


But then the bats woke up and the Yanks started to chip away.


Down to their last batter and Tauchman at the plate, he draws a walk and Aaron Hicks steps up and makes me not hate him anymore!



A minor collapse by Chapman and the game tied, didn’t look like much was left in the tank for the Yanks but the Yanks took the lead back at 14-12 and brought in Adam Ottavino who couldn’t get the final out. Chad Green came in and the rest is history, glorious fucking history!!


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