MLB Midseason Awards And Playoff Outlook

With the unofficial halfway point of the season in the books for the MLB season and teams starting to take shape in the division, who are the MVP’s? Cy Young’s? Lets look at all the major categories and predict the playoff/World Series matchup!


America League

  1. DJ Lemehieu-Yankees
  2. Mike Trout-Angels
  3. Alex Bregman-Astros

Winner: Mike Trout

National League

  1. Christian Yelich-Brewers
  2. Cody Bellinger-Dodgers
  3. Pete Alonso-Mets

Winner: Christian Yelich

CY Young

American League

  1. Justin Verlander-Astros
  2. Domingo German-Yankees
  3. Lucas Giolito-White Sox

Winner: Lucas Giolito

National League

  1. Max Scherzer-Nationals-
  2. Hyun-Jin Ryu-Dodgers-
  3. Zack Greinke-Diamondbacks-

Winner: Hyun-Jin Ryu

 Rookie Of The Year

American League

  1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr-Bluejays
  2. Brandon Lowe-Rays
  3. John Means-Orioles

Winner: Brandon Lowe

National League

  1. Pete Alonso-Mets
  2. Christian Walker-Diamondbacks
  3. Chris Paddack-Padres

Winner: Pete Alonso


  1. AL East Winner: New York Yankees
  2. AL Central Winner: Cleveland Indians
  3. AL West Winner: Houston Astros
  4. AL Wild Card Winner: Minnesota Twins
  5. AL Wild Card Runner Up: Boston Redsox

AL Winner: New York Yankees


  1. NL East Winner: Philadelphia Phillies
  2. NL Central Winner: Chicago Cubs
  3. NL West Winner: Los Angeles Dodgers
  4. NL Wild CardWinner: Milwaukee Brewers
  5. NL Wild Card Runner Up: Atlanta Braves

NL Winner: Philadelphia Phillies

World Series Winner: New York Yankees

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