Yankees With A Sick Comeback Win

When your starter looks like a punching bag for the early part of the game, you don’t expect much but god dammit the Yanks showed heart tonight.

J.A. Happ layered the ground work for the comeback win by giving up just a shit ton of hits and runs to spot the Orioles the early lead….then the Yanks woke up and said FUCK THIS SHIT!


DJ Lemehieu turning out to be the steal of the offseason for the Yanks


Tie ballgame thanks to Gardy and call me Maybe Maybin, followed by just god awful defense by the birds….then


El Gary with the dagger which leads to Aroldis


You gotta love this fucking team, they win with the long balland they win with the small ball, this team is on a collision course with just great moments in October!

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