Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Rundown: Dragon Down!

Alright so episode 4 in the books and no shortage of story lines and controversies. From a proposal to a bedding to a death of a dragon and ohhh anybody for some coffee? Let’s get to it.

Oops looks like somebody left their Starbucks on the dinner table at the Thrones set or did they? There’s speculation that HBO intentionally left the cup in the scene for some sort of sponsorship deal.

We had a proposal as Gendry asked for Arya’s hand but Arya let Gendry know that she’s not a lady! Gendry will live his days as a prisoner of Aryas lust, that’s all!

Euron Greyjoy took down a friggin dragon and then was able to bring a prisoner to Cersei….

Despite the back and forth, unfortunately the big death of the episode was Missandei!

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