Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

First off if you haven’t watched the episode yet this blog contains spoilers about how Danaerys and Jon Snow died…..well them fucking each other anymore anyway.

The show opens at with Jaime Lannister on trial to prove his trust to Jon, Danaerys and Sansa. Of course Tyrian throws his support but Danaerys is not impressed, then Briann of Tarth goes to bat for the King slayer, appealing to Sana’a and her trust. Sansa listens to her and says, shit if that’s your man’s, he’s my man’s too. Danaerys hoping her boo Jon would back her up basically went neutral to a fault while still backing Sansa, needless to say it was a cold bed for Jon that night.

Jaime shared some moments with his brother, Briann joined them in one last drink because night walkers are coming and why the F not. Jaime in a show of respect and gratitude to Briann, Knights her and boy did the waterworks fly there!

The big revelation of the night was Jon finally telling Danny that he is Targaryen and that he, not she is the rightful air to the throne. In a moment of wtf, Danny asks how he knows and when Jon says Bran and Sam, aka the Three Eye Raven and Jon’s homeboy, Danny meets him with resistance. Before the couple could really get into it, the three horns sound and night walkers are coming to Winterfell!

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