Yankees Journal: Inching Closer To Opening Day Scairies

The Yanks are almost there, Opening day is fast coming upon us but are we really ready for the start? There are many question marks, including an injured Severino and a very questionable Aaron Hicks who’s received his second cortisone shot. The Yanks have reportedly put an offer out to free agent Gio Gonzalez, who btw I said many moons ago that they who they should’ve targeted. I guess thankfully you can say we have a stacked outfielders core including a growing healthy Jacoby Ellsbury, FML!! Despite the barrage of bad backup options, this team does have the tools to make a run at the East and beyond.

Troy Tulowitzki is not exactly inspiring confidence in Yankee fans with his hitting and you can only hope his dumpster fire that he calls hitting improves and fast or otherwise it will be a long god damn season.


Update: Yankees have signed Gio Gonzalez as of this writing!

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