The Flag Post Twitter Rundown: Bell Oh Bell

What a week in sports and entertainment world. NFL Free Agency is in high gear and some controversy regarding ARod, Jlo and Jose Canseco?? Huh!

Sad news, Alex Trebek saying he has stage 4 cancer, What is a class act? That be Alex Trebeck!

Lebron being Lebron

AB84 going to the Bills? Hold on a minute!

Nope he just decided the better play was signing with Oakland, but was it?

Fajitas and engagements, nice!

Jets off and running in free agency!

OBJ traded to the Browns!!! Whatttt theeee fuuuu

Jose Canseco claiming ARod cheated on Jlo with his wife, how much steroids does it take to get to the truth?

Jets with a monster signing, Le’Veon Bell is a Jet!


Newsday Sports doing what they do best!

Giants are already in denial!

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