Yankees Journal:Winner Of The Machado Sweepstakes Is….

Congratulations to the San Diego Padres in signing a 10 year 300 million contract with a player who has no interest in winning. If Machado had any inkling of winning, he would’ve signed with the up and coming Phillies or White Sox, maybe even a pinstripe team in NY. But as free agency progressed, it became clear Machado was interested in a pay day and not winning. It is a good thing the Yanks didn’t sign Machado, think about the motivation for Machado after he signs this deal, the laziness will be rampant. Now the Yanks can focus on getting the roster we do have ready for the season. Yes, Bryce Harper is still a free agent but Machado was the more likely guy to sign with the Yanks, if the Yanks were ever going to sign these two.

Meanwhile as Yankee fans are voicing their displeasure for Machado signing elsewhere, Clint Frazier has decided to launch baseballs straight into outer fucking space!


So far in spring training, every position player has reported and the quest for number 28 is officially underway.

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