Islanders Choose To Dump Barclays…For A Dump!

I have been a NY Islanders fan since 1996 and I have been loyal to this team through the many tough years and the new good years for this franchise BUT the news they dropped today is upsetting. The Islanders decision to play the first round of the playoffs at Nassau Coliseum and not Barclays Center is despicable.


Explain to me how NYCB is the right fit for a playoff game? They literally had to see the Islanders leave to Brooklyn because that arena was a dump! It took mucho money and years of renovations to get the arena up to par with an average arena. There is nothing special or amazing about NYCB and for the loyal Islander fans who have supported this team at Barclays, this is a slap in the face. Great news that if the Islanders advance past the first round all rounds will be at Barclays, what momentum will the Barclays have if the Isles do make it out of the first round. You are setting up a recipe for disaster.

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