AAF: Week 2 Preview

Week 1 is in the books for the AAF and there is a buzz around this league and its potential. There are many saying that the AAF could serve as a developmental league for the NFL and many saying that the AAF could serve as a good compliment to the NFL. Regardless of what happens to the league, week 1 by and far was a gigantic success. There is talk of week two and what the matchups bring.

Below is the schedule for week two and a rundown of the possible outcome for each matchup.

Week 2                                                                                                             Projected winner
Salt Lake at Birmingham Sat, Feb 16 2:00 PM ET
Arizona at Memphis Sat, Feb 16 8:00 PM ET
Orlando at San Antonio Sun, Feb 17 4:00 PM ET
Atlanta at San Diego Sun, Feb 17 8:00 PM ET

Atlanta v. San Diego could be the game to watch. Both teams are winless in their first game but both teams have decent former NFL QB’s who could look to exploit the other team. Look for the winner of this game to be the one to challenge in their division.

Also, let’s go Express!

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