How I Beat Samy From Uber To Help Me Recover From The Patriots

So I was trying to call an Uber for Joe Flag Post after the Patriots game. Needless to say most guys are watching the Super Bowl from 6:30 to 9:30 so I wasn’t surprised when it was difficult to call an Uber. It took a few minutes but Samy took the trip and although it seemed like a long time, 20 minutes away, I figured fuck it, better than nothing. As Samy made his way closer, the time rapidly dropped all the way at one point to 2 minutes. However that would be the closest Samy would consider coming to the pickup, he drove all the way to the other end of Brooklyn, then I decided to message good ole Samy.

The first message showed read but not the next few.

It become increasingly clear to me Samy was trying to scam me into cancelling the ride so he got paid and I got screwed, not today Samy boy, NOT TODAY!

I told Samy what was what and after 30 minutes of waiting him out, the scumbag cancelled. I win Samy, I WIN!!

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