Yankees Journal: Cash Looking For One More Starter

So good news is the Yankees are not done in free agency but the bad news is it likely to will not be Machado or Harper but most likely another starting pitcher. The Yanks are looking for some insurance at the back end of their rotation as the consensus is that CC will be a question mark to play the entire season. Sure there are internal options with Loaisiga, German and Adams but with the talent available in free agency, it may be wise to go with a proven arm who could come on the cheap.

Gio Gonzalez:

By far one of the more talented starters still available. After pulling solid numbers in Washington, he hit a rough patch leading into the playoffs for the Brew Crew but still possesses electric stuff. With all the quality arms out there the Yanks could get him on the cheap.

Chance of signing: Good/Very Good

Dallas Keuchel:

Another talented pitcher with excellent weapons. After anchoring the Astros for the last three years, it’s probably safe to bet that he won’t be called on to be the ace but would slot in nice as a 3-5 rotation guy. He is looking for one more big payday but with spring training rapidly approaching and with the amount of quality arms still in free agency, he could also sign on the cheap.

Chance of signing: Average/Good

Ervin Santana:

The days are gone where Santana will blow away hitters with his fastball but he still has the weapons to be a quality starter. Santana is coming of a finger injury which virtually knocked him out all of last season but would come cheap and the upside is definitely there.

Chance of signing: Average

It remains to be seen if the Yankees are truly serious in spending more cash to get another starter but these would be the top options should they choose to go that route. Personally I’m not exactly sold on them looking via free agency but Brian Cashman did say that this is the “fully functional Deathstar”.

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