NFL Playoff Rundown:Super Bowl Edition

It’s finally here, we’ve gone through 17 grueling weeks and three rounds of playoffs, for this, the Super Bowl. Both teams have been considered the tops in their conference this year but now we are going to find out who is better, Rams or Patriots. Who is going to go out and just win it! Will Jared Goff emerge as the big, new Super Bowl stud or will Tom Brady show that the old dog hasn’t lost a step!

Rams v. Patriots-6:40pm

Line: -2.5 Patriots

Prediction:34-31 Rams



Jared Goff has played very well this year but it pains me to say that Tom Brady gets the edge here. With all the experience and ice cold veins, Brady gets the nod.



Todd Gurley May end up being the leagues MVP and with the emergence of C.J. Anderson, the Rams running core is scary. The Patriots have Sony Michel and James White, Michel the rookie has played well, granted against soft defenses, White is a WEAPON.



You have Edelman, Patterson and Hogan v. Cooks, Woods and ….. The X factor is going to be, which QB will come through and deliver.



You have Gronk v. who is the Rams TE?



You have Stephen Gostkowski v. Greg Zuerlein…..



Both defenses have been playing well but the Rams have just ridiculous playmakers, between Arnold, Suh and Talib….


Overall:Both come in even, I still go with the Rams

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