The Patriots As Underdogs…Is LAUGHABLE!!

This is how you know the world is turning upside down, when the New England Patriots are selling themselves as the underdog! It’s laughable to even remotely consider the Patriots the underdog. It’s either you look at them as returning to the Super Bowl for the third straight year, winning one of the previous two games and oh btw, opening as line favorites at 2.5 or you are severely misinformed.

Yes, there were times where Tom Brady has not looked….well Tom Brady, but when it seems to matter he always rallies this team. It pains me to say this…..BUT Tom Brady and the Patriots have every piece imaginable to win this years game and beyond.

Sure Tom Brady may be one of the most controversial players in league history, given Spy-gate and Deflate-gate, which the latter he was suspended for. Put all that aside and look at the stats, nine Super Bowls and five of those coming out a winner.

It’s getting to be enough with seeing Brady and the Patriots in the god damn Super Bowl but for one minute let yourself believe they are an underdog would be lunacy!

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