Tom Brady Says There Is “Zero” Chance He Retires After Super Bowl! WTF!!

Before I move forward, I want to make very clear that I respect Tom Brady and what he has done in his career, stats, championships, everything. But…..


It’s time to get going and ride off into the sunset and enjoy retirement with you mega star model wife and children. Tom Brady saying that he plans to play until at least forty five is like daggers to my soul. As a lifelong Jets fan, Brady has been one of the driving forces for my misery in the NFL. Knowing at least two god damn times a year that he’s going to unleash the seven circles of hell upon the Jets is too much.

I at least had the fact that most QB’s retire once forty hits, does this apply to Brady? Nope!

What’s even more crazy is how much Belichick has to fake happiness for this, don’t believe me? Look at his face…

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