Jason Witten Destroys Pro Bowl MVP Trophy

It’s probably a well known fact at this point that Jason Witten will not be winning any broadcasting awards. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Jason Witten is a great guy but when it comes to embarrassing himself on tv, he finds new and inventive ways to exceed. We won’t get into the fact that after Pat Mahomes hit Eric Ebron with a TD, Witten said and I quote “that was his favorite target all year”, last time I checked they aren’t on the same team!

What clinched Witten finishing the year strong in the awkward department was this…..

Witten was tasked with presenting the Pro Bowl MVP award to Pat Mahomes and Jamal Adams. Witten decided to mangle the trophy and break it! Adams face pretty much tells the story here.

Jason Witten you are a special broadcaster, never change!

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