Yankees Journal:Mo Unanimous, Moose Gets Nod!

The hall of fame inductees for 2019 were announced and Mariano Rivera was announced as baseballs first ever unanimous vote getter, getting 100% of the votes needed to make Cooperstown. There had been some debate as to whether or not Mo would make it unanimously as some writers made arguments if the closer position deserved special consideration over traditional positions. The stats speak for themselves:

Postseason ERA: 0.70

Postseason Saves: 42

Regular Season ERA under 2.00: 11 times

All Star Game Selections: 13

World Series Games Played: 24

All Time Saves: 652 (First all time)

You tell me, did Mo deserve a first ballot, unanimous hall of fame nod, it’s pretty clear what the answer is. A key member of five world championships and seven World Series runs, Mariano “The Sandman” Rivera will be remembered for his electric cutter and entrance song “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, when you heard that, the game was over.

The Moose, Mike Mussina, who pitched for the Yanks from 2001-2008, was also inducted into the baseball hall of fame along with Mariano Rivera. Mussina who signed with the Yanks after spending his first nine years with the Baltimore Orioles had success with both teams and will be interesting to see who he chooses to be inducted as. Mussina will be remembered for pitching his only twenty win season in his last season and flitting with five perfect games, most famously while with the Yankees against the Ref Sox at Fenway park, when with two outs, pinch hitter Carl Everett was able to bloop a single and leaving Moose with a one hitter.

For the rundown of the rest of the hall of fame inductees, see below.

Roy Halladay-Starting Pitcher

Edgar Martinez-Designated Hitter

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