Fox v. CBS: Who’s Commentary Won?

You got two for Dallas Cowboy quarterbacks for each station and then you throw in a broadcast legend for each. Which QB provided better commentary, Tony or Troy, Joe Buck or Jim Nantz.


There’s no secret that the stations top duo is Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Personally, I’m not a fan of this duo, although Joe Buck does bring that excitement and buildup in a game, Troy Aikman is flat out terrible. During the NFC championship he inferred that a 62 yard field goal for the Rams was a good position for them to be in, it took Joe Buck the next play to put in perspective that it was indeed a long kick and hard play. Troy Aikman brings obvious commentary and it’s obvious that this is a different league than what he played in and it’s finding it difficult for him to adapt.


I was never a gigantic Tony Romo fan when he was under center for the Cowboys but Tony Romo the broadcaster is special. Jim Nantz gives solid play by play while Romo is money when it comes to his insights and input into every play and upcoming play. Nearly every play Romo commentated about in the AFC championship was concise and on the spot.

Winner: CBS, Tony wins!

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