Yankee Journal:Machado Or No Machado….Hal?

Where is Manny Machado going? Don’t just sit there, I’m asking you! It looks like even Manny Machado doesn’t know at this point where he’s signing. It’s less than a month before pitchers and catchers report to spring training and two of the top free agent prizes are still unsigned and neither are imminently signing. There was a report that Machado was offered a 8 year 210 million dollar deal and the thought is Philly has also offered some sort of contract. If these reports are to be believed, the same reports say the Yankees have yet to offer a contract to Machado. As a fan, the Yanks could probably swoop in and offer a 8 year 250 million dollar deal and Machado would run, run faster than he’s ever ran, to the Bronx. Insiders around the Yankees say that the higher ups are concerned with the impending contracts of Judge, Sanchez… that’s understandable but if they are focused on winning, now and the future, Machado MUST be considered. There is still time but it’s not looking great.

See below for how The Flag Post Twitter verse thinks Machado will sign

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