Game Of Thrones:Another Teaser Is Released

It’s becoming a weekly occurrence for HBO to release a Game Of Thrones teaser. This week is a beaut!

The teaser opens with Jon Snow walking through a cave and you hear Ned Starks voice speaking to him.

Next Sansa is seen walking through the cave and noticing the statues(which you see in the video, link below).

Next is Arya walking through the cave and meeting up with….

Jon, Arya and Sansa are seen together, they see statues of themselves and suddenly the fire goes out and…

Fog and ice begin to creep to the trio, when suddenly the clip ends and we are given this…

We FINALLY have a premiere date, we now have a date to rewatch the series by and get our affairs in order. April 14 is the date we all tell our loved ones, you either watch with or step aside, there are plans that night!

NEW Game Of Thrones Teaser Trailer

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