NFL Playoff Rundown:Divisional Round

The playoffs have reached the divisional round and just like that, POOF, four teams are gone! Eight teams remain, the creme of the crop, the best of the best of the NFL. Below are each matchup and full predictions. For a further look, remember to click the link to hear this weeks NFL Playoff Rundown:Divisional Round Podcast presented by Anyday Rose.

NFL Divisional Round Rundown presented by Anyday Rose

Saturday Games

Colts v. Chiefs-4:30pm

Line: Chiefs 5.5

Prediction:Colts 27-21

Cowboys v. Rams-8:15pm

Line: Rams 7.0


Sunday Games

Chargers v. Patriots-1:05pm

Line: Patriots 4.0

Prediction:Chargers 28-27

Eagles v. Saints-4:40pm

Line: Saints 8.0

Prediction:Saints 27-20

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