Jets Journal:Adam Gase Is Our New HC

Well boys and gals we have ourselves a new head coach. Who is it? I’ll give you a hint, he was recently a head coach of another NFL team and knows the Jets very well. Mike McCarthy? NO, Adam Gase, former head coach of the Miami Dolphins. The signing of Gase marks the first time since Bill Parcells has gang green hired a head coach with actual head coaching experience. I’m not one to be happy about picking up a newly fired head coach but the Dolphins did exceed expectations the last two years and Gase will be given the keys to the third overall pick in the draft and the most cap space to work with.

Apparently Gase came highly recommended, especially as reported from Jeff Darlington who said Peyton Manning convinces Christopher Johnson to hire Gase. Gase, 40, although young comes with a boatload of experience and is especially known for his developing QB’s, which will be vital for Sam Darnold.

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