Yankees Journal: Britton Re-signs

The Yanks got one of their relievers needed, resigning lefty Zach Britton. Britton who signed a 3 year with a potential for a 4th year contract, was a must sign for the Yanks. After losing David Robertson to the Phillies, the Yanks needed to make sure that 7th/8th inning man was locked up for the upcoming season. Of course it’s a waiting game at this point for Manny Machado but at least the Yanks got one of their guys, the next move could possibly be Adam Ottavino. The Yanks have been linked to him but again nothing imminent.

Tulowitzki will compete….

Brian Cashman also announced on Friday that newly acquired Troy Tulowitzki would have an opportunity to compete for the starting shortstop job. Of course that led to speculation at perhaps Machado was not happening but Cashman assures that one bit of news had nothing to do with the other.

Closing notes….

The bottom line here is the Yanks have improved from last years team for sure but getting Machado would put an exclamation point on what the message to the rest of the league is, that of course is that the evil empire is BACK!

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