Yankees Journal: Yanks Get Their Shortstop

The Yanks did it! They finally signed their shortstop, no he wasn’t signed for the richest contract in MLB history BUT he basically signed for free and a rival team will be footing the bill. The Yanks signed newly released Troy Tulowitzki to a league minimum contract as the Canadian Jays will be paying his remainder of his contract for the year. This is a no risk proposition for the Yanks as if they sign Machado, it gives them depth at that position and if Machado doesn’t sign, the Yanks will have a viable option at short stop. The other side to the coin is that Tulo has been injured on/off/on for the last few years, even missing all of last year with a heel issue. The only fallback is, if Tulo doesn’t produce, all it would cost the Yanks is a league minimum contract.

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