Jets Journal:Todd Bowles Fired, Now What?

The Jets finally fired head coach Todd Bowles, within 24 hours of his dismissal there are already a plethora of names being tossed around as a successor. Coaches from Jim Harbaugh to Josh McDaniel have been discussed as possible suitors. The few things going for the incumbent coach will be a ton of money for free agency, a QB that has a potential to be a franchise QB in Sam Darnold and also this upcoming number three draft pick. You look at the roster as is and you see a foundation for a very good defense and with improvements a good offense. The last four coaches for the Jets, Todd Bowles, Rex Ryan, Eric Mangini and Herm Edwards have all been defensive minded. It may be worth looking in the other direction, especially with the growth of Sam Darnold, the most vital to the Jets future success. The Jets are in a good situation as far as the prospect of their future, it will be up to the front office to finally place a stable and successful coaching staff in what has been a volatile part of the Jets recent history.

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