The Yankees Journal: Machado And Harper In Play

With the Manny Machado decision likely not coming until the new year drops, reports are surfacing that both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper prefer the Yankees over the other teams they have met so far. The Bryce Harper situation is interesting, on the one hand, it is known that Harper is a fan of the Yanks but you gotta remember that his agent is Scot Boras, he will do anything to boost his clients price. Does Harper really want to go to the Yanks after Brian Cashman all but wrote him off? Or does Boras want to build his stock price by scaring other teams with the “Evil Empire” money? I’m more inclined to believe Machado legitimately wants to sign with the Yanks, I don’t believe Harper not Boras believe that there is any real possibility of the Yanks signing him. The truth of the matter is both players are tops in free agency, surely generational players but you gotta expect the Yanks are going to approach but not break the bank. With about a week to go with an expected announcement from Machado, the chips will fall accordingly based on his decision.

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