Top Five Holiday Movies Of All-Time

With Christmas less than a week away, what are the greatest holiday movies to watch? Sure there are classics, but do they hold up to the long list of holiday movies that are out there. We rank the top five holiday/Christmas movies of all time.

5. Scrooged-1988

What do you get when you have BIll Murray in his prime in a modern day(at the time anyway) take on A Christmas Carol? You get a great god damn movie, that’s what you get. This movie is vintage odd ball Bill Murray mixed in with plenty of cameos, including the every entertaining eighties actor Bobcat Goldwait. This movie teaches you that Bill Murray is a god and that you need to be a good person during Christmas or you will be visited by three ghosts and realize that Scrooged is a masterpiece.

4. Jingle All The Way-1996

Ok, here me out with this one. You have the governator playing a dad trying to get his son the ultimate gift for Christmas, oh and you throw in the ever funny Sinbad and mix in the late, great Phil Hartman, you get a great god damn movie. You cant watch this movie and not think to yourself that you wish Arnold was your dad and TurboMan.

3. Its A Wonderful Life-1946

This is an absolute classic, sure this move was made in 1946 and has the old time classic actors like James Stewart but it holds up to this day. You cant watch this movie and not fall in love with the classic story of what is your life worth and what the hell would you do without me! This movie has a little bit of everything, comedy, drama and most importantly it teaches you some god damn life lessons for the holidays, which deep down inside is what we all really want.

2. Home Alone-1990

The ultimate movie for Christmas, a young, promising McCauley Culken and Joe Pesce, throw in a Daniel Stern and you have one great movie. Sure once you get past the child neglect and ultimate excruciating travel for a mother to get to her abandoned son, you have a crafty child defending his house against two, adult robbers. There was a lesson to be learned though in this movie, Kevin’s parents suck and should never be forgiven, so goes Christmas and all is eventually forgiven and forgot.

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation-1989

Chevy Chase in his prime and Beverly D’Angelo, we can probably stop there but why? The joys of Christmas are discovered in this movie, the family Christmas tree, the family that visits for the holiday and the furry creature that leads to said tree being burned down to a crisp.

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