Patriots’ Gordon Suspended, You Hate To See It!

You just hate to see it, more controversy with the Patriots. Receiver Josh Gordon announced early this morning he was stepping away from football activities to deal with his mental health issues, shortly after, the NFL announced they would be suspending the receiver for violating his probation. Everything aside, Gordon is a very talented player and it’s sad he can’t get his personal life in order. I was most worried about Gordon going to the Patriots because I was certain Belicheck would get him straightened out and make him dangerous. But with all the news today coming out and Gordon being placed on the commissioners suspended list, making this suspension indefinite pending an investigation, it’s not looking good for anybody involved. The Patriots offense has struggled mightily and has not looked as dominant as it has in the past, take away a big piece of that offense and it’s basically catastrophic. Again, sad for Gordon and we certainly wish him well and hope he straightens out, BUT you just hate to see it!

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