The Yankee Journal:Manny Machado To Meet With Yanks Today

Today is the day boys and girls, today is the day that Manny Machado meets with the New York Yankees. One of the prizes of free agency will be meeting with the operational Death Star today and the hope of every Yankee fan is that the Yankees will come away with a deal for Manny Machado. Sure there is optimism that Didi Gregorious will come back strong and healthy but there is wide spread belief that his return will likely not happen until the latter part of the 2019 season at best. If the Yanks were to sign Machado he would definitely slot in as the starting shortstop alongside Miguel Andujar on the right side of the Yankee infield. The question many will have is what would be the fate of Didi once he returns? Presently there are many unknowns around Didi and how he will bounce back after Tommy John surgery but if he returns to the Didi of old then Andujar will become expendable as they will surely move Machado to third. The other theory floating around is teaching Andujar to play first base, that would solve some of his fielding problems and keep him in pinstripes, though keep in mind it is really difficult to learn a position that you have never played before, OBVIOUSLY! The focus will be the meting today with Machado and if the Yankees are willing to pull the trigger on a gigantic contract, there are things to consider. Yes, Machado has never played for a big market team before being traded to the Dodgers this past season and in the regular season he played well but it is fair to say that he somewhat struggled in the postseason. The postseason is definitely a spot where the Yanks would count on Machado’s bat to excel, definite question mark. On the other hand, Machado would propel the Yankee lineup to arguably the most dangerous lineup in baseball history. Lets keep an eye on the meeting today and with any updates will come more information from us.

Check back tomorrow for a recap of Manny Machado’s visit with the Yankees

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