Jets Journal:The Time Has Come To Tank!

The Jets are starting to look competitive again and the good news is that Sam Darnold is starting to play like the QB that the Jets thought they drafted number three overall. You may think that this is great, WRONG! The Jets are on the cusp of securing another top five draft pick and winning will do nothing for the stat line this season, they are going to most likely finish in last place in the AFC East and will undoubtedly finish in the bottom of the league in the standings, winning now will not change any of this and will further hurt the Jets chances in getting another quality rookie. The Jets would be going into the offseason with the most cap money to spend, a top five draft pick and a team that is a few pieces away from really competing in the playoffs, possibly more. The Jets will surely look at free agents like Leveon Bell and the issues on the team definitely lye in the offense, offensive line and receiver corps are a weakness. On the defensive side, a quality linebacker and cornerback would go a long way in suring up a strong Jets defense. Looking around the league and the division, Tom Brady will be a year older and as the season has gone on this year, he has shown signs of regress and if he comes back for another year, you could expect the same. The division will certainly be up for a fight if the Jets can make some moves in the offseason. That begins with a full on tank in the last two games, not that it will be hard with the Jets playing the Packers and Patriots in the final two games. Todd Bowles will be fired at the end of the season, even the Johnson family isn’t stupid enough to bring back a coach that the fan base absolutely despises and despite what the players are saying, you can tell a new coach will breath new life into this team. Here’s hoping the Jets do the right thing and lose, this is the life of a Jets fan and following the god damn Jets!

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