The Yankees Journal:Day Three Recap

Yankee fans were happy when it was announced earlier this morning that J.A. Happ had resigned with Yankees for three years, only to have it screeching back to reality when it was reversed and announced they were “close” to signing the pitcher. They Yankees need to get their rotation in order, if they are to have any chance to progress into the playoffs next year they need depth, the current rotation, although very good, needs a guy like Happ to put it together. He is familiar with the team and knows how to win in the Bronx, lets get this deal done and move on to other matters, like a certain free agent shortstop. Speaking of free agent shortstops, it is reported today that Manny Machado’s preference is to sign with the Yankees, so long as the price is right. There are two train of thoughts here, one is that Machado is saying this to drive up his price to scare other teams that the “Evil Empire” will swoop in and sign him. The other train of thought is he legitimately wants to be a Yankee. I am inclined to believe both schools of though, if the Yankees sign Happ, you can expect at least a strong push for Machado, as Happ will command way less than a Patrick Corbin would have. Here’s hoping that day four from the winter meetings will heat up and the Yanks are able to make a splash.

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