NFL Fantasy Football: Week 15 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. While some, their playoffs have already started, others they will beginning the quest for the championship this week. Either way, these are the guys you mush look to pick up or drop for you quest for the ship!

Must Pick Up

  1. Baker Mayfield-CLE-Own % 48.5
  2. Jameis Winston-TB-Own % 70.5
  3. Josh Johnson-WAS-Own % 0.0

The Spin: The usual suspects for must pick ups remain, with Baker Mayfield just torching defenses late into his rookie campaign. In his last three games, Mayfield is averaging 24 points a game. Also Jameis Winston has secured his starting spot for the rest of the season, barring a meltdown. He has done his part on offense, averaging 27 points a game in his last 3 games. Josh Johnson, this is going to be a name to watch in the coming weeks, resident butt fumbler, Mark Sanchez will not be starting, you can bet Josh Johnson will get a crack at the starting job. Last week, against the Giants, he was able to rack up 27 points.

Running Back
  1. Gus Edwards-BAL-Own % 70.2
  2. Elijah McGuire-NYJ-Own % 11.7
  3. Derrick Henry-TEN-Own % 56.7

The Spin: Gus Edwards, who is one of the more talented backs on the ground and pound Raven offense, has been the most consistent by far. In his last 4 games, he has averaged nearly 12 points a game. The Jets have definitely struggled on offense, but when the defense knows the signal caller can throw, the game opens up for the run game. With Sam Darnold showing he can throw the ball and with the uncertainty of injured Isiah Crowell, look for Elijah McGuire to get some touches. In his last game against the Bills, McGuire was able to rack up 17 points. Derrick Henry, what can be said about his electric 99 yard run last week against the Jaguars. He did his best Beast Mode impression and will look to ride that success for rest of the year.

Wide Receiver
  1. Curtis Samuel-CAR-Own % 31.6
  2. Kenny Stills-MIA-% 25.9
  3. Randall Cobb-GB-Own % 47.9
The Spin: Cam Newton, who has been sluggish in his last two games, with mostly you can attribute this to the lack of talent on the offense. Other than Christian McCaffrey, it has been an open field to who will step up. Fortunately for the 33 percent of leagues who don’t own him, that man is Curtis Samuel. In his last  games he is averaging  points a game. Ryan Tannehill’s return means a boost the pass game. With a big win against the Patriots, Stills was able to rack up  points. Aaron Rodgers looks like he is re-energized with new coach Philbin at the helm. Randall Cobb was the lucky recipient of the good fortune as he was able to hook up with Rodgers and collect  points.
Tight End
  1. Cameron Brate-TB-Own % 64.2
  2. Ian Thomas-CAR-Own % 24.6
  3. Evan Engram-NYG-Own % 64.6

The Spin: With O.J. Howard gone for the season you can expect that Cameron Brate will get the lion’s share of the passes thrown his way. In his last 3 games, he is averaging nearly 11 points a game. Ian Thomas who has filled in for G-Reg, has built a good chemistry with Cam Newton. In his last 2 games as starter, he has averaged nearly 13 points a game. The Giants are making an unlikely push for the playoffs, yes you read that right. There needs a lot to happen but you can expect Engram to help that Giants offense at least try. In his last game against the Redskins, Engram picked up 10 points, when healthy, you can expect that and more.


  1. New Orleans Saints-Own % 63.5
  2. Seattle Seahawks-Own % 28.6
  3. Detroit Lions-Own % 24.4

The Spin: The Saints have been absolutely solid in defense the last 4 games, in that span they have averaged nearly 14 points a game. The Seahawks are flexing that defensive muscle again, far from the Legion of Boom but formidable non the less, in their last 2 games, they are averaging 14 points a game. The Detroit Lions might have problems scoring or winning for that matter, however their defense has been solid. In their last 3 games, they are averaging 10 points a game.


  1. Aldrick Rosas-NYG-Own % 15.4
  2. Jason Myers-NYJ-Own % 21.9
  3. Brett Maher-DAL-Own % 65.

The Spin: I am not even going to pretend that any of these kickers have been studs this year, I believe at some point or another that I have had them on my drop list. This year for the kickers in the NFL has been the most inconsistent I can ever remember. These three represents the top point getters in relations to availablility. If you have a kicker consistently getting you 6-10 points a game, consider him a god damn god!

Must Drops

  1. Case Keenum-DEN-Own % 12.5
  2. Marcus Mariota-TEN-Own % 17.8
  3. Matthew Stafford-DET-Own % 49.0

The Spin: Case Keenum is playing like he usually does, very good game manager but not very good in fantasy. In his last 3 games, he is averaging 16 points a game. Marcus Mariota was throwing the rock hot there for a minute but has slowed down, going into the stretch of your playoffs, even finals, there are better options than Mariota. Whats sad is that Matthew Stafford is usually a very strong fantasy QB but in his last 3 games he has struggled, in that period he has averaged 8 points a game.

Running Back

  1. Royce Freeman-DEN-Own % 38.9
  2. Duke Johnson Jr.-CLE-Own % 56.5
  3. Sony Michel-NE-Own % 92.7

The Spin:  Royce Freeman has been a consistent on this list, yet he is still owned by nearly 39 percent of leagues. Compared to Lindsay, Freeman is not a viable option, stay away. Duke Johnson Jr. must be considered a FLEX option at best, however in his last 3 games, he is averaging 2 points a game. Sony Michel, despite being owned in nearly 93 percent of leagues has struggled mightily, the Patriots have always been a pass first team and into the playoffs, it would be best to look elsewhere. 

Wide Receiver

  1. Tyrell Williams-LAC-Own % 34.4
  2. Demaryius Thomas-HOU-Own % 87.4
  3. Taylor Gabriel-CHI-Own % 43.5

The Spin:  The Chargers offense has definitely been potent this year but Williams has struggled while the team has excelled. There are better options out there, especially when Williams has averaged just 3 points a game in his last 3 games. Demaryius Thomas looked like he was going to benefit from a change of scenery,  however in his last 2 games, he has averaged 7 points a game. The Bears receivers are a little too inconsistent to count on any one receiver, especially with Mitch Trubisky just coming back off injury. 

Tight End
  1. Benjamin Watson-NO-Own % 32.4
  2. Ricky Seals-Jones-ARI-Own % 13.1
  3. C.J. Uzomah-CIN-Own % 30.8

The Spin:  Generally this is the point where I would point out how badly each player has played in the last X amount of games. This is also the point where I would say that there are better options out there. This is the new point where I say that each of these three tight end’s are absolute garbage in fantasy, if you pick any of these three players it may be for the following reason. Reason number one, you are in a league with more than 10 teams and your only good tight end has been hit by a truck and is considered dead! Reason number two, you are a complete moron and you have no clue how to play fantasy football, see your way out! Reason number three, there is a sadist in your league horting all the good tight ends and you are stuck with the misery that is this group of players, in any case, may god have mercy on your soul!


  1. Philadelphia Eagles-Own % 52.5
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers-Own % 59.4
  3. Carolina Panthers-Own % 53.4

The Spin:  . The Eagles have exactly one point in there last four games, stay away! The Steelers have averaged slightly more than two points a game in their last three games. The Panthers have averaged three points in their last four games. Time to look elsewhere. 


  1. Chris Boswell-PIT-Own % 31.9
  2. Robbie Gould-SF-Own % 39.0
  3. Cody Parkey-CHI-Own % 27.0

The Spin:I am not going to sugar coat it for you, there is no rhyme or reason to picking up kickers in fantasy, you go for the projections and these three have been in the bottom half all year and will not project to give you that edge, in fact if you see these names pop up on your opponents team this week, you can rest assured that you at least locked up one position against them, that is of course unless you also picked a player from this list, Don’t pick a player from this list, dont do it!

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals and average stats are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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