The Yankees Journal: MLB Winter Meetings Begin, Who Goes Where?

The MLB winter meetings have commenced and it is widely believed that many of the big names in free agency in the game will find a new home this week. The giant speculation is that link between the Yankees and Manny Machado, Bryce Harper and the various free agent starting pitchers including Dallas Keuchel and J.A. Happ. There was  a report that came out on Sunday that said the Yankees were not going to pay the $300 million that Machado was asking for, by that logic you could also rule out Bryce Harper as both of these players will command 8-10 years and over $300 million dollar. The Yankees definitely need starting pitching and the Yanks should make a push for either Keuchel or Happ, if I had to lean towards either one, I would lean towards Happ. Happ has experience pithcing in the Bronx and although he is on the wrong side of 35, he has not slowed down and has produced at a high level, he will also command a good chunk of change but in comparison to Keuchel, you can expect a less amount of money to leave the piggy bank. Keuchel is younger, however he struggled mightily this past season for the Astros and call me crazy but it could be a sign of slowing down or maybe not, the Yanks should not take that risk.

Check back as we will be giving daily updates from the MLB winter meetings, including all the news and rumors

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