Jets Journal: Jets Get Their Revenge Against The Evil Bills

The Jets went into Buffalo with one thought in mind, do not get blown out, destroyed like they did against the Bills at home in week 11. The Jets had trailed for most of the game, including when they started their game winning drive just shy of the two minute warning. The last drive was by far the best drive for Sam Darnold and the Jets for this season. Darnold was able to get the ball to Robby Anderson and seal the Jets win, snapping a long, long losing streak, that had stood at six.

This team desperately needed a spark and Darnold coming back, leading this team to a win, was that spark. The highlight of the game was when Darnold was able to scramble for a total of 46.8 yards and deliver a perfect pass to Robby Anderson to tie the game early in the fourth quarter.

This was the kind of win that makes you think that there is still some hope left for these guys, the Jets in all likelihood will finish with a top 10, possibly top 5 pick in the next draft but if these Jets are able to pull it together and finish strong, it will go a long way.

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