Jets Stink It Up In Nashville, Clinch Losing Record

It’s becoming an annual theme by the first week of every December, Jets clinch a losing record. Despite leading virtually the entire game, minus the last 30 seconds of the game, the Jets stunk it up. Make no doubt about it, the Jets Defense is very good, the problem is the offense is god awful. Once again, Sam Darnold did not suit up and the keys to the offense were once again handed to Josh McCown and boy did he have just a horrible game. McCown threw for 128 yards, no scores and a pick, to put things into perspective, Isiah Crowell had 98 yards rushing to McCowns 128 passing, not good when the QB to RB yards ratio is that close. What’s worse is, coach Bowles came out blasting the players, putting the blame for the loss squarely on their backs! Two thoughts on that, I can’t tell you how many 3 and manageable situations the Jets ran the ball on, that accountability goes to the coach, the Titans were slinging it around late in fourth, Bowles should’ve burned a timeout to give his tired defense a rest, especially when that side of the ball was giving you any chance to win. I do believe that players should be held accountable but to the fault of their preparedness and game plan and Todd Bowles does not give this team the best chance to win. The Jets need to fire Bowles, sooner than later and come up with a game plan in revamping this offense.

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