Giants Upset Daaaaa Bears

The Giants has themselves a monumental upset today at MetLife Stadium. After playing a pretty solid game that included an OBJ TD throw, the G-men squandered the lead, giving up the tying TD pass in the final seconds in regulation. The Giants would ask their super kicker Rosas to come on and kick a FG and he was able to convert it with just over five minutes left. The Bears would get the ball but Giants would be able to hold on and get that upset victory against, daaaaa Bears. It’s worth nothing that Chase Daniels, backup for daaaa Bears started for injured Mitchell Trubisky and played like garbage throughout. Despite that Tarik Cohen had a monster game with 150 yards receiving and 30 rushing, including the game tying TD throw in the final seconds in regulation. Next up for the Giants spoiler tour is the Washington Redskins, while daaaa Bears will play the mammoth Rams next week.

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