The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale: Negan Escapes and The Whisperers Appear

The Whisperers Arc

What a way to wrap the mid season of The Walking Dead. So many takeaways from the finale, lets dive in. Michonne and new friends arrived at Hilltop to be greeted with just a boat load of resistance and animosity. Nothing is revealed as to why there is tension between Hilltop and Alexandria but the cold conversations between Michonne and Tara/Carol are very evident. Rosita awakens in time to warn Michonne that Eugene is in more danger than anyone knows. Meanwhile, Jesus, Daryl and Aaron travel through the woods in search of Eugene, only to discover that the walkers are acting very odd. Eventually, the group finds Eugene who describes how the walkers have been whispering and Rosita can back that story up. Eugene, who has a broken leg offers little in the escape from the impending walkers who have reached the shed where Eugene had been hiding. Daryl, in typical bad ass fashion volunteered to stay behind while the others got to safety, setting a diversion to guide the walkers his way and away from Eugene and co. It appears that it is working until the walkers stop and continue towards Eugene’s path. Eugene, Aaron and Jesus make it to a cemetery where they frantically look for a way out and succeed in finding a gate but it appears jammed or locked. Luckily in the nick of time, Michonne appears and with the help of Eugene pries the gate open enough to escape but not until Michonne, Aaron and Jesus kill them some walkers. After the initial wave, a new wave appears and Jesus tells the rest of the group “I got this”. After dispatching a couple walkers, he goes to slash at another walker and he moved out of the way, grabs Jesus and stabs him from behind. Michonne comes forward and kills the walker, Daryl moves forward towards the walker and sees stitching in the back of the walkers head, he cuts it and pulls what appears to be a walkers face on a live person, enter The Whisperers! The last scene had a very dim and dreary feel to it and for the first time in a while had an old time Walking Dead feel, where you had no clue what was happening and was actually scary.

The Negan Arc

So Negan appears in this episode with father Gabriel in his cell, Gabriel is speaking to Negan all the while, Negan and his antics finally gets to Gabriel and he snaps at Negan. Negan speaks to Gabriel how he knows that Rosita and Gabriel are together and further tries to get into Gabriel’s head. Having enough, Gabriel leaves and sees runners from Hilltop appear and he eventually finds out Rosita is in trouble. Cut to the next scene where father Gabriel is in Negans cell changing Negans bedpan, Negan off course throws a smart remark at Gabriel, only to have Gabriel snap at Negan, letting him know the only reason he can’t leave to go to help Rosita is because he is stuck watching Negan and storms off closing the cell door. Negan, staring at the cell door, walks towards it, pushes it and it’s open! He walks out of the cell, smiles and leaves. Is Negan back?

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