Jets v. Patriots Preview: Do Jets Know How To Win Anymore?

The Jets are coming of the bye and things are looking grim. Coming off an absolute thumping by the lowly Bills, our reward off the bye is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Sam Darnold in his first practice this week was seen jogging without a walking boot but unless that boot fixed his arm and the receivers catching ability, it’s going to be another long god damn week! The Jets are 3-7 and have not even played the Patriots once! For the Jets to salvage this season and go for a winning record, the Jets only have to beat the Patriots…twice, oh and the Jets play the Packers in the second half of the season. Buckle up Jet fans, we are about to watch a movie we see every year. You don’t remember this one? Remember, this is the one where Tom Brady kicks the ever loving shit out of our team, further adding to the hate that each and every Jets fan has for him and the Patriots. Also, Patriots fans will remember this is the point of the year that they beat the Jets, further padding their win/loss record and righting whatever wrong is in their preverbal ship. I love my Jets but I also know my Jets will fight for awhile in this game but eventually will lose another one to deflate gate, cheat til I’m great, Tom Brady. My only hope is that if we suck, we suck enough to get a decent draft pick, maybe pick up a receiver or linebacker. Sucks we can’t draft head coaches, hate you Bowles!

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