NFL Fantasy Football:Week 12 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. We will give you the tools you need to master your league, straight to the ship! Here’s a preview for this weeks waiver wire:

Must Pick Up

  1. Mitchell Trubisky-CHI-Own % 79.1
  2. Philip Rivers-SD-Own % 86.8
  3. Eli Manning-NYG-Own % 17.0

The Spin: Mitchell Trubisky continues to be a steady force in fantasy, he is averaging 28.8 points a game and down the stretch, leading to the playoffs for your fantasy team, he is still available! Only owned in less than 80 percent of fantasy leagues, in his last four games, he is averaging 25 points a game. Philip Rivers is also showing that he is the force in fantasy, he is averaging nearly 27 points a game and in his last four games he is averaging almost 25 points a game. Eli Manning, for the first time all year, I can say Eli Manning is actually fantasy relevant, in his last four games, Eli is averaging almost 24 points a game and no wonder as the Giants are on a two game winning streak.

Running Back
  1. Peyton Barber-TB-Own % 64.3
  2. Jalen Richard-OAK-Own % 52.5
  3. Chris Carson-SEA-Own % 86.7
The Spin: At this time of the year, you are probably going to be hit with a hole at the flex or RB1/RB2, these are the guys to get you to the playoffs while your studs are on the bye. Peyton Barber, who has been wildly inconsistent all year long has been picking up steam lately. In his last four games, he has been averaging just over 10 points a game. Jalen Richard is another guy who is not only becoming a flex option but a decent RB2 option, in his last four games, Richard is averaging just over 11 points a game. Chris Carson is another guy that has been wildly inconsistent but I gotta think that he is riding a high, in his last three games, Carson is averaging almost 12 points a game.
Wide Receiver
  1. Adam Humphries-TB-Own % 23.2
  2. Tyler Lockett-SEA-% 76.0
  3. Willie Snead IV-BAL-Own % 21.2
The Spin: What if I told you that the hottest receiver on the Bucs was not Desean Jackson or Mike Evans, no its Adam Humphries. In Humphries last four games, he is averaging 16 points a game. The most steady receiver for the Seahawks has not been Doug Baldwin but Tyler Lockett. In his last four games, Lockett is averaging 12 points a game. Willie Snead is looking like a benefactor of new QB Lamar Jackson, in Sneads last three games, he is averaging 10 points a game.
Tight End
  1. Vance McDonald-PIT-Own % 52.2
  2. Jonnu Smith-TEN-Own % 2.4
  3. Tyler Higbee-LAR-Own % 1.0

The Spin: Is Vance McDonald heating up again, I think so! In his last two games, he is definitely Big Ben’s target. In that span, McDonald is averaging nearly 13 points a game. Seriously how is Jonnu Smith only owned in 2 percent of the leagues! Another solid game against the Colts, in his last three games, Smith is averaging nearly 11 points a game. You don’t usually think of the TE for the Rams as a weapon but Higbee has been consistent the last couple weeks, averaging 10 points a game.


  1. Baltimore Ravens-Own % 80.1
  2. New England Patriots-Own % 53.2
  3. Los Angeles Chargers-Own % 80.3

The Spin: The Raiders are going to end up the worst team in football this year, get on the Raider bashing bandwagon and get the Ravens, week 12 matchup for the Raiders. As much as it pains me to say, the Jets offense has looked pitiful the last four games and until they prove that they can score consistently, you can expect the opponent to bask, that opponent happens to be the Patriots this week. This point of the season, you have to identify the weak teams, the Cardinals are definitely one of those teams, with a strong defense in the Chargers, this is a no brainer.


  1. Josh Lambo-JAX-Own %
  2. Mike Badgley-LAC-Own %
  3. Chris Boswell-PIT-Own %

The Spin: I am not even going to pretend that any of these kickers have been studs this year, I believe at some point or another that I have had them on my drop list. This year for the kickers in the NFL has been the most inconsistent I can ever remember. These three represents the top point getters in relations to availablility. If you have a kicker consistently getting you 6-10 points a game, consider him a god damn god!

Must Drops

  1. Alex Smith-WAS-Own % 43.5
  2. Ran Fitzpatrick-TB-Own % 76.8
  3. Jameis Winston-TB-Own % 9.2

The Spin: If you are a NFL fan, you know that Smith suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of the game, it is an obvious pick to drop and on behalf of The Flag Post, we wish Smith a strong road back. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston have the pedigree to be a top QB in fantasy, the problem is that neither one are consistent and at any given point given that inconsistency, they can be substituted out for one another. It is just too risky at this point of year to keep either one.

Running Back

  1. Javorious Allen-BAL-Own % 32.2
  2. Austin Ekeler-LAC-Own % 57.3
  3. Corey Clement-PHI-Own % 25.1

The Spin:  Javorious Allen is just not having the success he had in the first half, in his last three games, Allen is averaging just over 5 points a game. .Ekeler contines to play second fiddle to Melvin Gordon, it is just way too risky to paly Ekeler in any capacity. In Ekelers’s last three games, he is averaging less than 5 points a game. Another bad week for Clement means you should stay away, in his three games, Clement is averaging just over 2 points a game. 

Wide Receiver

  1. Calvin Ridley-ATL-Own % 86.2
  2. Devin Funchess-CAR-Own % 85.6
  3. John Brown-BAL-Own % 70.3

The Spin:  In the beginning of the year, Ridley was a fantasy stud. In his last five games however, he is averaging just under 9 points a game. Don’t let that team designation of WR1 fool you, Funchess has been anything but a number one receiver. In his last four games, Funchess is averaging under 5 points a game. What has happen with the Ravens offense, Brown in particular was one of the hottest receivers in the league, however in his last three games, Brown is averaging just 4 points a game. 

Tight End
  1. Cameron Brate-TB-Own % 9.0
  2. Ricky Seals-Jones-ARI-Own % 29.7
  3. Jack Doyle-IND-Own % 79.1

The Spin:  It’s clear to see that Brate is the backup to O.J. Howard, Howard who continues to excel, while Brate falls further behind. In his last four games, Brate is averaging just over 2 points a game.  It’s time to stay away from the bad teams offensive players, the Cardinals have just a few good offensive weapons and Seals-Jones is not one of them. In his last four games, Jones is averaging just over 4 points a game. Eric Ebron is clearly the man in Indy, that’s bad news for Doyle, who had a great game back but since has dwindled to Ebron. In his last two games, Doyle is averaging just 7 points a game. 


  1. Denver Broncos-Own % 40.0
  2. NY Jets-Own % 27.3
  3. Philadelphia Eagles-Own % 65.4

The Spin:  The Broncos dont do well against the good offensive teams in the league and they are slated to play the Steelers in week 12, you’ve been warned. With a thumping by the hands of the Bills, what do you think you can expect when you play Brady and the Patriots. When your team in fantasy defense has scored a total of negative three points in your last four games, what do you think you should do at all costs? Stay the hell away, Eagles are just pitiful on defense this year. 


  1. Jake Elliott-PHI-Own % 48.1
  2. Dustin Hopkins-WAS-Own % 12.0
  3. Harrison Butker-KC-Own % 95.2

The Spin:I am not going to sugar coat it for you, there is no rhyme or reason to picking up kickers in fantasy, you go for the projections and these three have been in the bottom half all year and will not project to give you that edge, in fact if you see these names pop up on your opponents team this week, you can rest assured that you at least locked up one position against them, that is of course unless you also picked a player from this list, Don’t pick a player from this list, dont do it!

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals and average stats are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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