Chris Hemsworth Wants His Fellow MCU To Honor Stan Lee

Chris Hemsworth has suggested that the actors who have been part of the MCU, portray their characters at Stan Lee’s funeral. Supposedly Hugh Jackman is on board as well. I gotta tell you the epicness of this, assuming of course that it would actually happen, would be through the moon. Besides being a kick ass way to pay tribute and respect to an absolute legend, the sight of the actors in character as their Marvel counterpart would be a true sight to see. The only thing that comes close is the animated X-Men series theme, the opening when all the X-Men characters are introduced and running towards each other, the main difference between the two is the animated version has already happen! This has got to happen, for a lot of these actors, Marvel has catapulted their career into a completely higher level, of course the reason, Stan Lee.

We will update you as information becomes available on this story.

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