NFL Week 11 Rundown:Matchups And Predictions

It’s officially week 11 of the NFL season and bye weeks are starting to come to an end, teams are starting to show if they are true contenders. There are no longer any undefeated teams but the top of the crop are looking like the Saints, Rams, Chiefs and Patriots! See below for my complete pick for every game. Last week I went 7-7, upsets galore, papa needs to get back on track! Not a terrible Thursday night game tonight. The Twitter-verse has voted in favor of the Seahawks to win, obviously that didn’t happen but what about the rest of the week.

Packers v. Seahawks-Thursday Night Football


(Note:This prediction was done prior to TNF but thanks to unexpected snow in NYC, this post didn’t go up Thursday)

Bengals v. Ravens-1pm


Panthers v. Lions-1pm


Titans v. Colts-1pm


Cowboys v. Falcons-1pm

Prediction: Cowboys-24-21

Bucs v. Giants-1pm


Texans v. Redskins-1pm


Steelers v. Jaguars-1pm


Broncos v. Chargers-4pm


Raiders v. Cardinals-4pm


Eagles v. Saints-4pm

Prediction: Saints-45-31

Vikings v. Bears-8pm-Sunday Night Football


Chiefs v. Rams-Monday Night Football

Prediction: Rams-35-30

Check back next week for week 8’s scores and predictions!

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