Jets Need To Fire Todd Bowles But Won’t Because These Are The Goddamn Jets!

Why should the Jets fire Todd Bowles you ask? Where do we begin, shall we start with the most recent debacle, a complete ass whooping at home to the Bills, 41-10. Let’s talk about how this team, despite players saying they believe in Bowles, are playing like they’ve given up. The Jets have lost 4 in a row and now sit in the cellar of the AFC East, the Jets are 0-3 against the division now and haven’t even played New England yet! For the growth of Sam Darnold and to keep the sanity of all Jet fans, fire Bowles and at least make us believe that promise is on the horizon. The Jets mercifully cannot Lose this coming week as they are on the bye but when play resumes and Todd Bowles isn’t fired, I will have lost any hope I had of Woody Johnson and his imbecile brother actually running this team like they at least give half a dookie!

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