Yanks Re-Sign CC Sabathia, WTF!

The Yanks have not learned a thing this past season. Let’s recap the moves so far, they brought back Gardner on a 1 year deal and now they have brought back the crippled CC Sabathia. For a one year 8 million dollar deal, you think your getting a steal in a left handed pitcher who pitched 150 innings last year and nearly had 10 wins. You would be wrong, the market this year is flushed with starting pitching, left handed starting pitching. When you have options like Corbin, Keuchel, Gonzalez and countless chips in the farm system to splash the pot with a trade, the Yanks bring back a guy who has missed time with a balky knee. Oh and btw CC had yet another surgery on that balky knee this past offseason. I can’t get excited for either move because they were both part of a team that did not win a championship and arguably you can say bringing back two of the oldest players hurts the team. In my opinion it would’ve made more sense to bring McCutchen In in place of Gardy. Free agency continues to chug along, let’s see where the chips fall!

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