Booger v. Witten, Who Sucks The Most?

The great debates of sports history, Jordan or Lebron, Lebron or Kobe, Manning or Brady and now I ask, who is worse Booger or Witten? You could’ve made the case that they were equally horrible for the first 7 weeks of the season. Only season 8 separated the herd so to speak with Booger actually improving, I mean when you have a monstrosity called the Booger mobile and you are basically blocking/screwing over the fans who paid a ton of money for the first two rows of the stadium, you have nowhere to go but up. Witten is just awkward and generic and offers nothing that a robot could provide for in color commentary. The level of insight is flat out basic for a guy considered one of the best tight ends in NFL history. If I were ESPN, I would replace him with a computer with voice technology so at least then, if something went haywire you can just say “crazy computer is going crazy again”. When Witten goes crazy, you wonder if he’s having a stroke or a brain operation because god damn, nobody can be that fricken lame.

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