The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Last Episode Is Tonight And Oh Boy

The last episode for Rick Grimes is upon us! In the last episode, Rick and Daryl were on Daryl’s bike on the way to stop Maggie from killing Negan in Alexandria when Rick realized Daryl was going the way and ordered him to stop. A fight ensued between the two and a tussle that led to both of them falling down a fricken hole. The two would air out their gripes and Daryl made Rick understand why he was against Rick stopping Maggie and admitting he knew that Oceanside were killing the Saviors. Rick stunned, although obvious to everyone else displayed his disapproval but ultimately confiding in Daryl how this new world is a vision for what he wanted for him and Carl. As Rick and Daryl tried to escape the pit, walkers started falling, while Rick climbed the pit, Daryl dispatched walkers, Rick would make it to the top and Daryl would follow. As Daryl got to the top, Rick reaches his hand out and said “take my hand, brother”, truly heartbreaking shit! Rick ordered Daryl back to Alexander while he would rescue a horse from walkers heading their way. Rick mounted the horse and the horse seeing the walkers started freaking out and threw Rick, Christopher Reeves style in iron spikes that were in the road and blood, soooo much blood. The episode ends with a wide view and walkers ascending in all directions, Rick falling unconscious. Will Rick love or die, that’s the question, I personally believe the Whisperers will make their debut and take Rick, he’s definitely an A. We shall see tonight!

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