Mike Francesa Has A Paid App, Please Don’t Give This Man More Money!

So Mike Francesa has a subscription service, where you can listen to his radio show and past shows. The subscription currently will set you back $8.99. Here’s the problem, I would only give Mike Francesa $8.99 a month to retire. I seriously can’t stand his stupid, biased and completely fact error riddled takes. The fact that this man has retired(or forced to retire) and then came back, for what reason, I have no clue, is mind boggling. He has constantly picked fights with rival radio personalities who have challenged his opinions, most notably with Michael Kay, who I have to be honest, I’m also not a fan of. Mikey F is a bitter, washed up radio personality who is lazy at best when it comes to stats and aligns himself as a front running douchebag! He’s also cutting edge, check the link below where, while on live air, he just zonked TF OUT!

Mike Francesa Just Falls Asleep On Air

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