New “Joker” Details Emerge:Who Is Thomas Wayne?

New details from the previously named “Arthur” now “Joker” movie which stars Joaquin Phoenix and is directed by Todd Phillips have emerged, including who will be playing Thomas Wayne. Brett Cullen will play Thomas Wayne in “Joker” and details have emerged that Phoenix’s Joker will be facing off against Thomas Wayne for the bid of mayor of Gotham City. Not many details have been given for the plot but the movie is shaping up to be very good, the cast alone has the promise for a very special film that features of course Joaquin Phoenix as Joker but also stars now Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne and Robert DeNiro in an untitled role in the movie. Reports have already surfaced that this movie will have no relation to the previously released rendition portrayed by Jared Leto in “Suicide Squad”. Also the firepower does not stop with the actors, besides being directed by a solid director in Todd Phillips, it is also produced by Martin Scorcese, you don’t get much better than that.

*Check back to The Flag Post as we will be delivering more updates as they become available. 

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