NFL Fantasy Football:Week 9 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. We will give you the tools you need to master your league, straight to the ship! Here’s a preview for this weeks waiver wire:

Must Pick Up

  1. Mitchel Trubisky-CHI-Own % 72.6
  2. Philip Rivers-LAC-Own % 84.8
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick-TB-Own % 6.4

The Spin: You might find it hard to believe but Mitchell Trubisky has averaged more points in the last four weeks(40) than Tom Brady (30). Trubisky has found his groove in his second season and you would do well to ride the Trubisky train, especially since the Bears play the Bills this week. Philip Rivers is coming off a bye and will be well rested, so far this season, even with a bye week, Rivers is the 4th ranked fantasy QB this year with 28.1 a game. Its time to believe in the Fitzmagic again, already named the starter for week 9 for the Bucs, Fitzy will look to regain that early season magic and look to hook up with his favorite receiver, Desean Jackson.

Running Back
  1. Marlon Mack-IND-Own % 81.8
  2. Peyton Barber-TB-Own % 56.2
  3. Jalen Richard-OAK-Own % 50
The Spin:If you havent heard about Marlon Mack, you really should read more of what I’m about to say, in his last three games he is averaging nearly 14 points a game and is a sold RB2 option. Peyton Barber is looking like he is starting to heat up, especitally with the offense starting to click, look for even more with Fitzmagic named the starter for this week, in his last three games, Barber is averaging 12.5 points a game. .Jalen Richard is looking like the guy who will replace injured Marshon Lynch, in his first game for the Raiders in Lynch’s absence, Richard was able to pick up 14 points, look for more agianst the 49ers in week 9.
Wide Receiver
  1. Devante Parker -MIA-Own % 21.6
  2. David Moore-SEA-% 2.7
  3. Desean Jackson-TB-Own % 81.2
The Spin: Welcome to 2018 Devante Parker, in his first game of the season, in week 8 Parker was able to put up 6 receptions and 134 yards for 19 points, he was the fantasy receiver for the Dolphins last year and you can expect the big receiver to get more of these points as he will project to be a WR1 going forward. David Moore has been the guy with Tyler Lockett this season as Doug Baldwin has had a tough start since coming back from injury. In his last last three games, Moore has been averaging nearly 17 points a game, however with the uncertainty that Baldwin may snap out of his funk, you can consider Moore a WR2 or a FLEX option. Desean Jackson is certainly one happy guy, despite averaging nearly 13 points a game, Fitzmagic has been named the starter for week 9 and you cant deny the chemistry that these two had to beging the season when he averaged nearly 20 points a game and you would be hard pressed to not at least start Jackson in the FLEX this week.
Tight End
  1. O.J. Howard-TB-Own % 72.2
  2. Chris Herndon-NYJ-Own % 5.0
  3. Jack Doyle-IND-Own % 31.9

The Spin: O.J. Howard has been absolutely electric this season averaging 14 points a game in his last three games and with the emergence of Fitzy, you can expect him to be a big part of the offense this week against Carolina. Chris Herndon has had three straight games with a TD for the suddenly anemic Jets offense, however you can expect rookie Sam Darnold to continue to look for his TE, in his last three games, Herndon is averaging 11 points a game. Jack Doyle returned this week from injury and all he did was lead all TE’s in fantasy points with 19, you can expect Andrew Luck to spread the wealth around with Doyle and Ebron but Doyle is a solid TE or FLEX option as Luck usually rolls with the hot hand.


  1. Tennessee Titans-Own % 24.8
  2. Dallas Cowboys-Own % 13.1
  3. Houston Texans-Own % 91.3

The Spin: The Tennessee Titans are coming off a bye to play the Cowboys who are also coming off a bye. You can expect this game to be defensive minded and close throughout, you wont see any explosive offenses in this contest, so either team is a good play for this game. The Houston Texans are the 2nd ranked fantasy defense this year and with week 9 rolling around against the Broncos, you can expect to geet some good points as in their last three games the Texans have averaged nearly 13 points a game.


  1. Wil Lutz-NO-Own % 83.9
  2. Jason Myers-NYJ-Own % 43.6
  3. Graham Gano-CAR-Own % 43.0

The Spin: Wil Lutz had a good 16 point outing and in his last three games he is averaging 10 points a game. Jason Myers has continued to be Mr. Steady for the Jets, in his last three games, Myers is averaging 13 points a game. In his last three games, Gano is averaging 8 points a game.

Must Drops

  1. Jameis Winston-TB-Own % 74.5
  2. Joe Flacco-BAL-Own % 34.7
  3. Alex Smith-WAS-Own % 49.2

The Spin: Jameis Winston was benched in week 8 after throwing 4 interceptions and it has already been announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the week 9 starter. Until this situtation becomes clearer, you are safe to drop Winston. Flacco is having a rough go of it the last four weeks, in that span he is averaging only 13 points a game, there are better options out there, drop Flacco. Alex Smith is doing what he does best, he game managing and so far this season the Redskins are 5-2 as a result, unfortunately that is not translating into fantasy points, in his last four games, Smith is averaging 16 points a games, there are better options out there, drop Smith fast!

Running Back

  1. Duke Johnson Jr-CLE-Own% 52.1
  2. Mike Davis-SEA-Own % 14.7
  3. Ronald Jones-TB-Own % 23.4

The Spin:  With the trade of Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson Jr has fallen in the pecking order for the Browns, an offense that sputtering to begin with, in the last three games, Johnson’s output has declined and is only averaging 7 points a game. After a stetch where Mike Davis was averaging 21 points a game, since that point he has struggled to the tune of 3 points a game. Davis is not worth losing a reserve spot, drop fast. Ronald Jones has now fallen to the third back, now behind Jaquizz Rodgers, in Jones’ last three starts he is averaging just over 4 points a game. Not worth wasting a roster spot, drop quick!

Wide Receiver

  1. Chris Godwin-TB-Own % 48.9
  2. Chris Hogan-NE-Own % 44.9
  3. Keelan Cole-JAX-Own % 36.0

The Spin: With weapons like Mike Evans, Desean Jackson and O.J. Howard at Fitzmagic’s disposal, you can expect it to be a safe bet that Chris Godwin will be the odd man out for receptions, drop quick and thank me next Tuesday morning. Chris Hogan who? With Gronk getting healthy and Edelman and Gordon getting more comfortable, you will find yourself saying, Hogan who? With the Jaguars offense suddenly finding it hard to score points and win games, you can look no further than Cole as a key reason why, in his last three games, Cole has averaged just 3 points a game. 

Tight End
  1. Cameron Brate-TB-Own % 18.5
  2. Charles Clay-BUF-Own % 18.7
  3. Ricky Seals-Jones-ARI-Own % 21.5

The Spin:  Brate is not going to be any threat to O.J. Howard in fantasy this year, drop him now and look elsewhere for your TE slot player. When your team is struggling to put up points, you can’t expect a player to perform miracles and no miracles will happen by sticking with Clay, who has averaged just under 3 points a game. I can admit when I am wrong and I had this guy as a player to pickup but Ricky Seals-Jones is just not that guy anymore, in his last three games, he is averaging just 5 points a game. 


  1. Denver Broncos-Own % 42.5
  2. Philadelphia Eagles-Own % 96.1
  3. Cleveland Browns-Own % 29.1

The Spin: The Broncos, despite being gifted with playing the Cardinals in week 7 had done nothing in fantasy defense, if you include the 33 point fantasy performance against the Cardinals, they are averaging just over 9 points a game. With the Texans coming to town, you would do well to pass on the Broncos in week 9. I am still not sold ont he Philadelphia Eagles defense, last year they were so dominant and was one of the reasons they made it to the Super Bowl but so fart his season they have failed to replicate that success. In the Eagles last three games, they have averaged just over 4 points a game. The Browns after a hot start on defense to start the season have slowly declined and showed why this team has only won two games in the last two seasons, in the last three weeks the Browns are averaging just 3 points a game. 


  1. Jake Elliott-PHI-Own % 59.4
  2. Cody Parkey-CHI-Own % 21.9
  3. Chandler Catanzaro-TB-Own % 1.5

The Spin:I am not going to sugar coat it for you, there is no rhyme or reason to picking up kickers in fantasy, you go for the projections and these three have been in the bottom half all year and will not project to give you that edge, in fact if you see these names pop up on your opponents team this week, you can rest assured that you at least locked up one position against them, that is of course unless you also picked a player from this list, Don’t pick a player from this list, dont do it!

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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